Keep your productivity!

If like many other people you are working at home during this quarantine, then you need to know the best accessories that you can find in Amazon to work more comfortably anywhere. Read on to see 6 accessories for under $ 40 that will enhance your work day at home.

1. Stand AmazonBasics

Ideal to install on any laptop up to 15 “, this AmazonBasics booth It helps to elevate your computer and use it more comfortably. It is recommended to raise the screen and use the keyboard at a certain angle, to improve your posture and avoid pain during the day. This product is made of aluminum with rubber that makes it non-slip and it is easy to move anywhere.

This is an economical product, with priced under $ 16 on Amazon. Available in silver and black, this stand is highly valued by customers and they mention that it is very stable, durable and greatly enhances the laptop work experience once you find your ideal position.

2. Base in height of Pyle

With this pyle base You can place your laptop at different heights, to accommodate the screen at eye level and work very comfortably. Made of aluminum with a non-slip surface on the top, this stand allows the laptop to be raised from 6.3 to 10.9 inches on 4 different levels and supports up to 8 pounds of weight.

This product has a 4.5 star high rating and a price under $ 25 in Amazon. Customers comment that it is a very functional product, ideal for working from home, in the office and also for DJs. It highlights its stability and its possibility of adjusting it to the height that is most comfortable for you, leaving more space on your table to place a wireless keyboard and mouse.

3. Refrigerant holder Havit

If you want to lower the temperature of your computer and make it work better, then this Havit coolant base It may be for you. In addition to making your computer ventilate better, it has two legs that give you 2 tilt possibilities to make it more comfortable to use. This product connects with USB, has 3 fans and a non-slip surface. It is compatible for laptops from 15.6 “to 17” and is ideal for any professional who uses high performance programs.

At Amazon, this product has more than 10,000 reviews and a price less than $ 30. Customers value this product positively, mentioning that it is very functional, quiet and with a quality construction. It is ideal for video games, but also for heavy programs that make your computer heat up a lot, and thus take better care of it.

4. Wrist pads Gimars

To take care of your wrists and work more comfortably, these pads memory foam from Gimars they are the ideal product. These are two pads, one to use in front of the keyboard and the other in front of the mouse, which help you to better position your wrists and work comfortably. It is always recommended to have the wrists aligned with the keyboard or mouse, since this way you reduce pain at the end of the day. The keyboard stand has dimensions of 17x 3.4 x 1 inches and for the mouse, it is 6.3 x 3 x 1 inches.

This product is available in 3 different colors and has priced under $ 20 on Amazon. Both pads have a non-slip surface on the bottom and are highly valued by customers. They say that it is a great investment for people who spend all day on the computer, and that it is a comfortable and quality product.

5. Wireless Mouse Vicsting

To work comfortably, it is best to have a wireless mouse that gives you more precision in each click. If you have to work long hours, the touchpad of laptops is usually not very comfortable, so this product is a necessary investment. This mouse has an ergonomic design, and allows you to regulate your CPI in 5 levels, to adjust the speed and precision of the cursor. It uses an AA battery and has a low consumption, since it has sleep mode after 8 minutes of inactivity.

At Amazon, this product has more than 39,000 reviews, being the best seller on the list. It is available in various colors and customers comment that it is a product with a great price-quality ratio, ideal for working at home or taking with you anywhere. They comment that it is very comfortable, very precise and works well on different surfaces.

6. Wireless keyboard and mouse Logitech

East Logitech product It is ideal to place your laptop on a high base and work comfortably. They use batteries and are connected via bluetooth so you can work more freely at home. In addition, this keyboard is ideal to have a numerical panel if your laptop does not integrate it, and a more comfortable mouse than the touchpad.

With more than 20,000 reviews on AmazonThis is one of the best-selling products on the list. Customers comment on this product as it is very functional and economical, but they warn that being two different devices, you need 2 USB ports to connect both products.

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