Work from home? Here Are Six Applications To Increase Productivity

ASUS ZenScreen Touch LaptopIt’s almost the second week since the government implemented work from home on the corona virus outbreak situation. When compared to other countries that have done a lockdown, all companies have also implemented Work From Home or quarantine for their citizens.

For those of you who get work from home facilities from the company, then this is a fortune to be thankful for. But apparently not everyone can face the situation of working from home.

Some people are now beginning to experience and begin to look for ways how to stay afloat doing work from home. They began to bustle “vent” or lamented on social media, like Twitter or Instagram.

The reason is, not everyone can adapt to work from home, some are able to follow the rhythm of those who often find obstacles such as the atmosphere does not support or can not focus because the atmosphere in the house that is all.

To be able to overcome the problems faced by you who work from home, Techhow team provides seven applications that can increase your productivity working from home, as follows:

First to support the mood at the beginning of the day to be more productive and focused, you can try exercising lightly like workout, yoga, or meditation. For sports like workout and yoga, you can use the workout tutorial application or YouTube videos to reach your sports goals every day.

Second, for those of you who like to meditate, you can use YouTube and Spotify to look for background music that supports it in accordance with the goal of calm you want to achieve.

Spotify Logo

Spotify can also improve your mood at work by choosing a type of background music without lyrics to support the work atmosphere to be more focused.

Third, there is a WhatsApp application that in addition to supporting communication with your colleagues at work, can also be used by video calls to make video calls with colleagues who can accommodate five people.

Fourth, there is the Slack application which is already very popular to support the company’s internal work. The advantages of Slack besides being able to send messages or share files can also be to modify documents and more privacy for internal matters. This application can be used on all platforms from Android, iOS, to Windows.

Fifth, there are Google Applications which, as you know, can increase work productivity by providing applications such as Google Docs for document recording needs, Hangouts for communication can send messages or video conferences, to storing data that requires large memory and sharing data in Google Drive.

In addition to Hangouts from Google, you can also use Google Duo, which can accommodate eight people with video content in it. Sixth is the Zoom video application, which is now often used by several companies to hold press conferences or company meetings in large quotas.

This application allows participants to share screens and cross-platform instant messages and can invite up to 100 people to a video conference.