A color that represents prosperity and good luck

The Feng shui It is an ancient practice that originated in the Asian continent, more specifically in China. His philosophy is mainly based on improving different aspects of daily life by distributing energies which is obtained by relocating and distributing different objects in spaces such as the house or the office.

In addition to the arrangement of the elements in the space, the colors that we use will also greatly influence the energies. It is important to note that when we refer to color, it is not only the one we apply to walls or furniture, but we also refer to certain amulets that incorporating them into the space gives us benefits.

Each of the colors are charged with a specific quality or condition. We have to color Red within Feng Shui is in charge of representing the fire element. It is considered a symbol that also represents the divine energy and therefore preserves the duality of creation and destruction.

For its part, the color red is also symbol of the energy of the sun and life that is why within the spaces it has properties to attract joy, emotion and even sexual desire. However, when it is out of balance it is capable of producing very negative sensations such as restlessness, tiredness or lack of energy. Also, the color red stimulates very strong emotions associated with abundance, celebration and passion.

Finally, use the color red in the decor of an environment and following the approaches of this ancient oriental philosophy, we will have the ability to create a focus of energy that attracts wealth, luck and luxury. In addition to using it on objects, furniture or decorations, you can also get an accessory or amulet where the red color is dominant.

1. Bracelet leather dyed red


This is a bracelet to attract luck while offering protection to its wearer. Its design consists of Redskin braided with triple wrap that provides resistance. In its center it has a Turkish eye, while at the back is a magnetic closure.

An accessory that you can take always with you since it adapts to any look and is also a way to attract good luck and repel both negative energies and emotions such as envy.

2. Bracelet adjustable with currency


This red chain bracelet is decorated with a Chinese coin which is a symbol of good luck and wealth. This accessory has been made with an adjustable drawstring that allows a tight fit on the wrist.

In this sense, it is the perfect complement to be used by women and men those who are making a radical change in their lifestyle. The accessory adapts to any style and is resistant enough to withstand the demands of everyday life.

3. Accessory for luck


Four-leaf clovers are popular symbols of prosperity that also have the ability to attract good luck. This bracelet features a pendant made of 925 sterling silver that has an attractive laser engraved message.

Is waterproof And it is also easy to adjust so it can adapt to the size of your wearer’s wrist. The red thread gives you protection, frees you from bad energy and brings luck to your life.

4. Bracelet against the evil eye


It is an extremely resistant amulet and is endowed with qualities that guarantee the protection who owns it. This bracelet has been carefully crafted from waterproof materials.

Its Turkish eye design allows it to repel bad energies and envy, while the color red is responsible for bringing good fortune and prosperity into your life.

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