Now the average public place, hotel, tourist attraction, restaurant, shopping center, shop, home, and others already have a WiFi network that makes it easy for many mobile devices or laptops to connect to the internet. WiFi networks make it easy for internet connections to be used by many devices at the same time. The distance and scope that can be reached by WiFi are also wide enough to accommodate the internet needs of many people.

But sometimes, an exclamation mark appears on the WiFi icon on connected devices that automatically cannot be connected to the internet. Of course, there are many factors that cause these signs to appear.

For those of you who ask why the WiFi icon has an exclamation mark, it can be caused by various factors as follows.

Reasons Why WiFi There Is an Exclamation Mark

1. The internet network is slowing down

Usually, if you use a WiFi network at a home nonstop, do not rule out the possibility of the internet network slowing down or disconnected after a few days later. This sometimes makes the WiFi icon on a laptop or smartphone display an exclamation mark.

After this sign appears, the internet doesn’t want to be connected at all. For this reason, you can restart the modem and router so that the internet network can recover and the exclamation mark on the WiFi icon disappears.

However, if the internet network still dies after restarting, you can contact the customer service operator of the service you are using for more information.

2. WiFi laptop or smartphone has a problem

If after restarting the modem an exclamation mark appears on the WiFi icon on your device and, then most likely your laptop or smartphone is having problems. For that, you can restart the device so that WiFi remains connected.

It could be that WiFi on your device has only a few system problems. But if indeed the component is damaged, then you must contact customer service from your device to assist in repair.

3. Not yet entered ID and password

Usually, if you are already connected to WiFi in public places, then you need an ID and password entered on a special page that appears in the browser. However, if both are not included, WiFi will bring up an exclamation mark on the WiFi icon on the laptop or smartphone.

This is done by the WiFi provider so that people can not use their internet connection carelessly. For this reason, you need to get an ID and password to get internet access and remove the exclamation mark.

In restaurants, hotels, or tourist attractions, you usually have to buy something to be allowed to use WiFi. But there are also some places that provide free internet access by announcing IDs, passwords, and WiFi names that can be accessed.

4. Uses IP, Proxy, or special DNS

Usually, in a campus environment, the IT Support team has set up WiFi using a specific IP, proxy, or DNS. If you do not make these settings, an exclamation mark will automatically appear on the WiFi icon on your laptop or smartphone that indicates there is no internet network.

For that, you need to ask the IT Support section to get IP, proxy, or DNS data that is used on the campus network. In other words, not just anyone can access the WiFi because usually only students, permanent lecturers, and campus employees know about it.

Actually not only the campus, offices, and other places can also implement this system so that the network is actually used by certain people.

5. Specific device-specific WiFi

When activating the WiFi menu, you usually find certain networks that are likely to be protected or not. When you connect your device to unprotected WiFi, an exclamation point will definitely appear.

You were not told to enter your ID and password in the browser. If yes, then most likely the WiFi has been set up only for certain devices that have been registered. In other words, you cannot connect to the internet with WiFi and must search for other networks.