An indispensable tool for technology lovers

Currently, the technology It has provided us with tools that are responsible for helping us with certain tasks and facilitating each of the activities that we have to carry out on a daily basis. Nowadays, having the right devices is essential for our day to day and one of the ones that should be kept at home are the charging stations where we can keep various electronic devices.

We can find a variety of them, however this time we take care to specifically review two that will be of great help to keep your electronics devices. First of all we have the Hercules Tuff Charging Station, It has been designed with six preloaded ports of which three of them are exclusive for Apple products and three micro USB.

The station is compatible with most devices and includes short cables They are very useful for charging cell phones, tablets and other electronic devices that you have at home. Its design allows a organized coupling which gives you the possibility to charge all the devices at the same time and without taking up additional space.

On the other hand we have the Bamboo Charging Station It is designed to make stray chargers and tangled cables a problem of the past. Holds up to six devices, including Apple products and any smartphone, tablet, or device you use USB charging.

It has a universal compatibility and its power supply is AC 100-240V makes it internationally compatible. Plus, it features a removable iWatch charging stand with a magnetic base to ensure the device stays firm while it’s charging. Both stations offer you a excellent alternative To keep your devices running at full capacity, if you still can’t decide, you can see them in more detail below.

1. Charging station Hercules Tuff


A dock that supports all MicroUSB cable designs including device designs Android and Apple, this allows you charge devices such as phones, tablets, remote controls, cameras and much more.

Its practical design means you can charge up to six devices at Same time without taking up much space and keeping everything organized to make it easier for you to find what you need. It is an excellent way to have all your devices fully charged whenever you need it.

2. Station bamboo load


This charging station is designed to conveniently charge smartphones, tablets and other devices Universal USB operating system iOS or Android. Its frame is made with 100% natural bamboo.

Its construction design is beautiful, elegant and durable. It is a tool of fresh appearance It is made entirely from natural, resistant and fully recycled materials.

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