A device to keep track of your baby whenever you need it

The arrival of a baby It is a great event for every family and that is why it is important to take care of every detail to make the home a safe and suitable space for him. It is for this reason that the baby’s room is the space that requires the most watch out and where every detail becomes essential.

A very important element for this space is without a doubt a monitorThis device provides the opportunity to constantly check the baby’s sleep and conditions without needing to be in the same space. There is a great variety of them, which have different characteristics and functions, but this time we review two of these tools that are the most recommended to have in the room of the baby.

First of all we have the Nooie Baby MonitorThis is designed with a wide angle that allows a large field of vision, it also has night vision and a rotating camera to keep an eye on the space where the baby is. its angle and rotation It covers every corner of the space where you install it, it is also equipped with two audio channels that allow you to both listen and speak to your child.

Furthermore, we have the Moonybaby monitor It is very easy and comfortable to operate, the device includes a rechargeable battery and long-range transmission that allows you to transmit with great quality from anywhere in the house where the baby is. It has an automatic night view and a rotating camera, as well as a LCD monitor color where you can comfortably observe how your baby is at all times.

Both monitors represent a excellent choice To install in your baby’s room, each device is equipped with the latest in continuous surveillance technology that allows you to listen, see, speak and even to interact with your child from anywhere in the house. If you still can’t decide which one is best for you, then we will show you both again so you can learn much more about each one.

1. Nooie Baby monitor


A device equipped with movement and sound, which allows you to be aware of everything that happens in your baby’s room throughout the day. Alerts you to your cell phone when motion or sound is detected in the room.

Its design makes it very easy to use and includes a application for smartphones that provides you with a user manual, faster support and the possibility of being aware of everything that happens to your baby even when you are away from home.

2. Monitor Moonybaby


It is a compact sized device that is very slim and easy to use. The equipment consists of a monitor digital video Fully color LCD and a 360ยบ rotating camera equipped with night vision.

This tool allows you to communicate with your baby at all times so that in this way you have the opportunity to talk to him or sing to him your baby without you having to be in the same room. A high-tech monitor that allows you to take care of your baby both day and night.

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