Fabulous hair without having to go to the salon

The hair It is a fundamental part of the face and therefore it is an element that is responsible for defining who we are and what our style is. That is why it is important to have it well cared for, hydrated and combed; however it is not necessary to spend a lot of money in a salon beauty to make our mane look fantastic.

This time we review two hair irons that will help you have beautiful and incredible hair without leaving home. First of all we have the professional iron Titanium Kipozi It has a special floating plate which allows you a gentle treatment with your hair and prevents it from snagging. Being built with titanium, this tool offers a better uniform heat distribution. This tool leaves your hair soft, silky and shiny as if just out of aesthetics.

On the other hand we have Wazor which is a hair straightener designed with professional metal ceramic heat technology. This technology allows you to generate massive anion that leaves your hair more voluminous and manageable without burning or damaging the fibers of the scalp. It glides smoothly all over your hair and is also equipped with a led screen that allows you to manipulate the temperature according to your hair type. Its power cable is designed to rotate up to 360ยบ to avoid tangles and allow yourself to work with much more freedom.

Both options are excellent to maintain your style and show off spectacular hair, with results of a professional aesthetic without having to leave House. Both tools have the latest technology that allows you to have professional quality results, without compromising the health of your scalp. If you still cannot decide which one is the best for you, then we will show you both so that you can study them in greater detail.

1. Professional iron Kipozi titanium

A tool designed with a smart security which progressively lowers the temperature and automatically turns off. Its rugged, ergonomically designed handle is designed to keep heat out of your hands.

The rounded edge It allows you to curl your hair, while its power cable is resistant and rotatable so that you can work comfortably without the cable getting tangled on itself while you are combing your hair.

2. Wazor: hair straightener

This is a hair straightener equipped with the latest in rapid heating technology. A tool that acquires temperature in a very short time so that in this way you can save a lot of time.

It is equipped with a security system that makes the iron turn off after 60 minutes, thus reducing the possibility of starting fires. Achieve professional results without mistreating your hair and from the comfort of your home.

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