The perfect element to complete your breakfast

The most important meal of the whole day is breakfast, since this represents the first nutrient intake that the body receives after several hours without consuming any type of food. With this meal we receive the Energy required to carry out each of the activities of our day to day.

One of the favorite options for this first meal of the day are the toasts, since they are ideal for spreading with almost anything and it is a very simple and quick preparation to make. One of the fundamental elements to enjoy a good slice of bread roasting in the morning is having a toaster, And this time we bring you two designs that are perfect for a quick and delicious breakfast.

First of all we have the Toaster with LED Display, This has been specially designed to indicate to you through its screen the progress of the roasting and the remaining time. The device has four functions basic that allow you to defrost, reheat, toast and cancel the process if you want. Has the ability to roast four slices of bread at a time and keeps them in the best position to roast evenly.

On the other hand we have the Silver Slices Toaster It is designed with an option that allows you to heat bagel-type breads, in addition to the classic sandwich bread. It can be adapted to toast different sizes of bread, and its shape makes it faster to prepare. family breakfasts without inconvenience.

Both toasters offer you an excellent alternative to prepare your breakfasts every morning, but if you still can’t decide which one is the best for you, here we show you again in more detail.

1. Toaster with led screen


Its grooves are extra wide and it has an adjustment guide so you can easily choose the toast type of each slice. It is equipped with a detachable function that is very useful for when you want to assemble a homemade sandwich.

Its system has six toasting settings that allow you to determine the degree roasting, from a golden slice to a dark and very toasted 1. This is the best way to start your day.

2. Toaster multifunction


Is designed with seven toasting controls and heavy duty heavy duty lifting poles. Its size is compact, allowing it to be easily adapted to any style of worktop.

Its heating is fast, which saves you time when preparing breakfasts for your family. Includes a removable crumb tray, so you can easily clean it.

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