In the Find My feature on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch there is an Activation Lock feature designed to prevent others from using one of these devices when lost or stolen by an irresponsible person. Activation Lock will automatically activate if iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch users activate the Find My feature. Later this Activation Lock will help you secure your Apple device even if it was stolen by bad people and increase your chance to recover it.

Even if you remotely erase data on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, Activation Lock can continue to prevent anyone from reactivating your Apple device without permission.


You just need to make sure that the Find My feature is active on your Apple mobile device and remember your Apple ID and password. According to Apple, the Activation Lock feature will really make the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch locked if the person accessing it doesn’t know the Apple ID and the password embedded in it.

In addition, the Activation Lock feature is also present to protect Apple Watch if the operating system already uses WatchOS 2 or a newer version. Even Mac computers with Apple T2 security chip and Mac OS Catalina operating system or above can also use this feature.

Apple said that if you activate the Find My feature on Apple products, the Apple ID will be stored securely on the Apple activation server and linked to the Apple device you have.

Next, a password for your Apple ID or device passcode will be required before someone else turns off the Find My feature, erases data, or reactivates and uses the device. In other words, people really need an Apple ID to be able to turn off this locking feature.

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If your device is lost or stolen, Apple recommends that you mark it as lost or Lost item on the site When the device is marked as lost, your Apple device screen will be locked with a passcode.

You can display a special message that includes your phone number to be contacted by the person who found your device when it was lost or warned the thief who took it. If needed, you can also remotely wipe device data and messages that have been created will continue to be displayed even though device data has been deleted.

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Even though the thief uses or sells your Apple device, the Activation Lock feature will run in the background and the display of Lost Mode on the device will clearly show anyone that the device is still yours and cannot be reactivated without the Apple ID and password you have created. .

You could say Apple’s security features against the device is strong enough and difficult for thieves to use or resell. But still many people out there are using their ability to break into this security system.

But with the presence of Activation Lock in the Find My feature, the thief has a little hassle if he wants to directly use your Apple device.