The term ‘demisexual’ is little known, however, it is a sexual orientation with which many could feel identified when knowing what it really means. The first thing you should understand is that It is not related to the taste towards a man or a woman, but in what circumstances you can feel a physical attraction for someone.

There are many possibilities that you yourself are a demisexual person, but being ignorant prevents you from recognizing it. Even those who carry this orientation are likely to be more faithful than many people in a relationship.

The importance of naming your sexuality is to understand what are the results, successes, failures and experiences you get in the love world. What’s more, anyone, including you, can feel fully comfortable expressing … “I am demisexual”.

Without feelings there is no sexual attraction

This is the key to understanding what demisexuality is! They are those people who exclusively feel physical (sexual) attraction with whom they have had an affective bond. If there is not a close relationship in between, they will never have sexual desire with that person, review GQ Magazine.

In this way, the ‘chemistry‘sexual for demisexuals could only be born after a friendly bond or simply while they know a person. Like any other sexual orientation, this is not chosen by the person, but is spontaneous. That is, they do not decide not to be sexually attracted to someone they barely know I with whom they do not have a romantic closeness.

It is also understandable that demisexuals reduce their chances of having intimate encounters, since they maintain conditions that in the middle of 2021 may not be fully met.. However, this also protects them from sexually transmitted diseases and other behaviors that come from casual sex.

4 signs that you are demisexual

1. You don’t feel any kind of physical attraction to people you don’t know

This does not mean that you are closed to meeting new people, hanging out with friends, or chatting with strangers. It’s about that you will not feel any type of sexual desire for a person until you know him in depth and you will surely become fond of it.

2. You make strong emotional connections

It may take you a bit to find a partner, but when you connect romantically with someone you do it with total dedication. This is a main feature of demuisexuals.

When emotional bonding is mixed with physical desire, you feel strongly attracted to the other person.

3. It’s hard for you to find a partner

If you are one of the people who stay single for a long time, despite dating and trying to open up to a romantic relationship, it is probably the reason for your demisexuality.

When you notice that someone begins to open up from the physical plane with you without there being enough emotional connection, it is likely that you clarify your way of thinking and feel or finally decide to walk away.

4. You usually fall in love with your friends

It is one of the clearest disadvantages, since friendships are an important part of our emotional connections.

Falling in love with a friend and not being reciprocated is a common situation in the world of love, but could happen more often to a demisexual.

It should be noted that demisexuals can be attracted to people of both their sex and the opposite sex, that is, a homosexual can also be demisexual.