Dare to show off beautiful and healthy skin with these products

An excellent way to care for our skin and eliminate that unsightly appearance that produces cellulite and stretch marks it is with an exfoliation treatment. These, in addition to eliminating dead cells and accumulated impurities in the skin, also stimulate circulation, nourish and provide deep hydration. There are different options, and below we show you some of the best exfoliating products to treat your skin.

1. Body scrub with himalayan salt


It is a proprietary formula made with Himalayan crystal salt, a product well known for helping detoxify the body and provide better hydration. It has a soft and delicate aroma, also this product is an excellent source of vitamin C.

When in contact with the skin, this salt helps to soften, exfoliate, deeply cleanse and rejuvenate the cells that make up the skin. It is also ideal for stimulating circulation and giving a more renewed appearance to the skin.

2. Exfoliating formula with organic coffee


It is a body scrub that is loaded with antioxidants. The product has a formula that combines the properties of the organic coffee, coconut oil and salt from the Dead Sea to create an effective anti-cellulite treatment.

In addition to stimulating blood flow, it also allows you to look much smoother and firmer skin. A quality product that is ideal for try skin blemishes caused by stretch marks, cellulite and accumulated fat deposits.

3. Moisturizing treatment with sugar

It is a body scrub that has been specially formulated with a combination of shea butter, caffeine, safflower oils, orange sumo, avocado and macadamia nuts reinforced with the purifying properties of grain sugar.

A treatment that repairs, hydrates and renews the elastic properties of your skin, while stimulating the collagen production. This cream is ideal for removing damaged skin, stretch marks and traces of cellulite.

4. Body scrub of Cactus


It is an exfoliant that has a formula made with a combination of prickly pear cactus, argan oil, honey, almond oil and natural beeswax. The combination of all these ingredients results in a treatment that cleanses, exfoliates and nourishes the skin.

It is also useful to remove stretch marks and cellulite while moisturizing your skin naturally, making it appear smoother, higher and more toned.

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