Wherever and whenever you see the instastory of your followers or friends, you will automatically get caught because it’s recorded in the list of people who see the instastory. This is because users can easily find out who has seen your instastory through the features provided by Instagram. Of course, this has its own pros and cons because not everyone wants to be known.

Now for those of you who want to poo-in or instalk your friend’s instalking without his knowledge, there are easy ways you can do you know! Guaranteed, you will not be included in your friends’ instastory watcher list. Continue to follow the review in this article, yes.

So far there are three ways to look at instastoriy without being found out which can be said to be most effective.

1. Using Third-Party Applications

  • The first step, download and install Story Saver for Instagram – Story Downloader from Google Play Store.
  • Then log in using your Instagram account.
  • After logging in, an Instagram account will be listed that you have followed or can also search for other public accounts that you want to see the installer.
  • Open your friend’s Instagram account profile in the story saver application until a photo and story menu appears
  • Select your friend’s story menu for the past 24 hours and you can immediately see without being found out
  • You can also download it if you want to save it.
  • If the account is private, unfortunately, you will not be able to see the installation

Story Saver for Instagram - Story Downloader from Google Play Store.

2. Through Chrome Extension for Instagram

  • The first step, open the Chrome browser on a laptop or computer.
  • Visit the Chrome Web Store to install extensions
  • Search the IG Story Web and install one of the top extensions available
  • When opened, the IG Story Web display will resemble a mobile application so that it is more familiar.
  • After logging in using the account you have, you will see your friends’ Instagram stories as usual
  • Open your friend’s Instagram story to see without being found out
  • You also download the installation if you want.

Chrome Extension for Instagram

This method, of course, requires a laptop device and Chrome browser to do. In addition, you can also see Instagram stories through Chrome IG Story which has a simpler appearance. Once opened, your friends will immediately appear who have followed and can immediately see the installation.

3. “Peek” Directly on the Instagram Application

In this method, you only need to select your friend’s instastory that you want to see, press for a long time, then swipe right to see the friend’s instastory next to it. In other words, you don’t have to shift fully or you can say it’s just peeping.

This method is fairly easy but you also need to be a little careful so as not to shift completely. Plus this method requires that you must be friends with the account first.

Directly on the Instagram Application

Actually there are many more ways to find out your friends instastory through third-party applications available on the Google Play Store. Of the three ways above, in my opinion, the method through a third party application is the most convenient. But of course, the method is not necessarily suitable for you too, so find a way which is convenient for you.

To be sure, you can see Instagram stories of friends or other public accounts without his knowledge, cool!