After Flying Face and Truth or Dare, Instagram now has a new filter called “Which Disney Are You?” who was following the virus-like the two predecessors.

Which Disney Are You? actually not much different from most Instagram filters in general. This filter also brings polished effects that are certainly no less exciting and interesting to use.

Instagram users can make a story that is quite unique by using this filter. Instead of changing the user’s face, this filter will add ornaments that match the user’s face with one Disney character.

Fun, there are no special requirements so you can try this filter. You don’t even need to follow the author’s Instagram account as a condition for using some filters beforehand.

Well for those of you who don’t know how to do it at all, you can listen to the tutorial in this article. But first, I recommend updating the Instagram application to make sure this filter is used successfully.

How to Use Filters With Disney Effects on Instagram Story

To apply this filter with Disney effects, the first step you can take is to open an account page @arnopartissimo (the creator of this filter) directly from the Instagram application.

On the account page, scroll to the section Filter marked with one of the face emojis. You can choose between tapping the icon or swiping the screen to the left twice for this.

Next, choose a filter with the title “Which Disney?” of the four filters that are currently being presented by Arno Partissimo. After the filter is open, you can press the button Try it to apply the filter.

Disney effects on Instagram Header

Don’t forget to change the camera used for Story to be the front camera. Then face the camera face to face, then press the button shooter Story camera for a few moments. Later, the filter will randomize the faces of Disney characters and display characters that match you.

So that you do not trouble to find this filter again, you can save your favorite filter by pressing the button save it (like the Download button) at the bottom right of the Disney filter page. owned by Arno Partissimo.

For additional information, you can also find this filter by searching for Story using the hashtag #whichdisneyareyou if you don’t find the author page.