MIUI 11 has just been released globally for all  device made by Xiaomi. In it, this fresher system offers a variety of new features including the Game Turbo feature.

In MIUI 10, you are definitely familiar with a feature called Speed ​​Booster Game which is a feature to help Xiaomi device users get the best experience when they play their favorite games.

To meet almost all the needs of high-end gaming, this feature has also been upgraded and renamed Game Turbo. With this change, special gaming equipment is claimed to be able to turn Xiaomi smartphones into the best gaming devices.

Game Turbo itself actually has a way of working like a booster game in general. Through a game space, smartphone performance will be pushed higher when the game application is run.

This equipment will reduce errors related to touch control and optimize the performance of the device specifically when playing games to be ready for use for combat.

In MIUI 11, Game Turbo is equipped with Gaming toolbox 2.0 which allows Xiaomi users to play games with a better experience without the need to interfere with various obstacles.

Gaming toolbox 2.0 has excellent features such as switching between internet networks, blocking notification of incoming messages, or features to answer phone calls without closing the game.

Gaming toolbox 2.0 also provides a feature to reply to short messages without leaving the game until features that can be used to record screens or make screenshots faster.

Users only need to wipe the screen from top to bottom to enjoy these various features. Later, all of these features will be available in the Turbo Game toolbox that appears at the top of the smartphone screen.

If the Turbo Game has not yet appeared, the user can first check whether this feature is active or not for the game to be launched through Settings > Special features > Turbo Game.

With a myriad of equipment, this feature is certainly not to be missed as such other MIUI 11 superior features. In your opinion, is this feature really useful or does there still need to be added more?