An important part to feel comfortable at home

Use socks While we are at home it is a very effective way to feel more relaxed and be much more at ease while the day passes. These types of garments also help keep your feet protected from all the dirt and microorganisms that are scattered on the floor. So today we share the best stocking options for be at home.

1. Unisex garment with reinforced heel

A set of 10 low cut socks that are designed with cotton, polyester, latex and lycra, stretch fabrics that comfortably fit the shape of your foot. Count with one reinforced heel which provides better support and balance.

They are garments practical and comfortable that you can use daily, whether you are going to stay home or have to go out. Its fabric is resistant, so you can walk quietly without any problem.

2. Sneakers and extra padded

They are socks made with breathable fabrics that repel moisture and the sweat of the feet. They’re designed with cushioning points that provide additional compression to the arch and heel that makes each step of walking more comfortable.

Provide additional compression that helps stimulate blood flow and avoid pain that may cause some type of discomfort when walking. They are perfect for daily use, even when you want to play sports.

3. Stockings colorful Of compression

They are compression socks that stand out with the naked eye for their colorful patterns. They are made of elastic materials they are capable of stretching up to 360 degrees.

Its calf-length design provides very light compression that is perfect for preventing foot cramps, tingling, fatigue and swelling. In addition, its design allows you to preserve the body temperature so you are warm during the coldest nights.

4. Design with technology anti odor

They are women’s socks with a very modern design. They have been made with quilted fabrics They also have anti-odor technology that allows you to feel very fresh and comfortable throughout the day.

Perfect for you to use when you stay at home or go out to play sports. They have the ability to quickly absorb sweat and moisture to prevent the formation of fungi that cause bad odor and itching.

5. Stocking set breathable for men

These stockings have been made with cotton, polyester and spandex, breathable and fresh fabrics that also make them very resistant and highly absorbent. The kit has 5 pairs of different colors.

They are highly padded to provide greater cushioning throughout the foot when walking. In addition, it will alleviate the impact of footfalls and protect your skin blisters and calluses.

6. Ergonomic with ventilation mesh

These anklets are made with a combination of polyester and spandex with very comfortable seams that adapt to the arch of the foot. Its fabric is very fine and fresh, so that they adapt very well to any type of shoe and slipper.

Its patented design allows air to enter inside to give a cooler feeling and free of bad smells. They are ideal for daily use while watching your favorite series or relaxing for a while inside your home.

7. Anklets elastic padded sole

They are vibrantly colored anklets that are made with breathable fabrics and a cushioned sole that makes them much more comfortable to wear. It has a stitched Y-shaped heel and elastic tips that allow place them easily.

With these stockings you can spend it quietly all day without feeling uncomfortable at any time. Its design offers great support to foot arch and creates a barrier that keeps it away from moisture.

8. Socks superior fiber

They are socks made of a superior fiber fabric that absorbs sweat and moisture. Its upper part has a mesh that increases the air flow inside it and produces a sensation of freshness.

Anatomical design helps fingers naturally extend and align to create greater feeling of comfort. You can use it daily, whether you’re going for a walk or just going to spend the day relaxing at home.

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