Keep your electronics totally free of microorganisms

Currently, the world faces a powerful common enemy: the COVID-19, a virus that has taken the lives of thousands of people and whose symptoms can take days to manifest. Given this, meticulous cleaning of ourselves and each space in our home is very important. Electronic devices that are manipulated daily and continuously can serve as a hiding place for this virus, for this reason today we bring you five types of cleaners so you can disinfect them properly.

1. Formula to sterilize screens LCD and LED

This cleaning kit includes a cleaning spray with an ideal formula to clean your electronics devices without producing scratches or damage to them. The formula is made from plants that is not bothersome to the nose.

The cleaner comes with a microfiber towel with which you can spread the product evenly. You can use them to leave the screen of your TV, tablet, laptops free of germs, smart phones and more.

2. Cleaning spray for electronic

This can be the best friend when it comes to cleaning screens and electronic equipment. It is a spray that has a formula designed to clean any devices such as TV, radio, cell phones and others.

Also includes a cloth made of plush microfiber so you can clean more efficiently and without leaving streaks or stains on your delicate surfaces such as glass or LCD screens.

3. Wipes pre wet for deep cleaning

Wipes are also a good idea when cleaning every electronic device that exists inside the home or workplace. These are bathed in an ammonia-free formula and are individually wrapped to preserve their freshness and humidity.

With these wipes you can safely clean the delicate surfaces of televisions, phones, tablets and even lenses without worrying about scratches or dust.

4. Cleaner made from eucalyptus

It is a natural spray cleaner derived from plant ingredients such as eucalyptus that provide it with a delicious and therapeutic aroma it stays in the electronic equipment for several days. It is a product free of alcohol, ammonia and other agents that can be harmful to health.

It includes a cloth with a surface that allows it to absorb oil and remove dust particles adhering to surfaces such as glass, tv screens, tablets, monitors and other devices.

5. Cleaning kit of screens

A formula designed to clean all surfaces of smartphone screens and any electronic gadget that you have inside your home or office. Whoosh’s Screen Shine! Includes two cloths for a better application.

The cleaner in the form of splash plus its free formula of alcohol and ammonia make it a very safe and easy to use product. Screen Shine cleans, polishes and protects the screens of electronic devices for a long time.

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