Feel safe and calm while you’re away from home

The face masks They are accessories designed to protect your mouth and nostrils from the harmful effects of substances such as smoke, vapors, gases or microorganisms that are transported through the air. Due to the current situation, it is essential that you always have one of them to protect you when you need to leave home. A good option is masks reusable, and next we bring you some that will surely be to your liking.

1. Reusable face mask unisex


It is a package that includes three black protectors made with a materials mix safe and that can be washed to sterilize them and be able to use them in multiple occasions.

They are made with a fabric soft and elastic It is completely breathable, this makes them very comfortable to carry and use whenever you need to leave your home. They have a two-layer filter, wind resistant and completely breathable.

2. Protector with breathing valve


An accessory that gives you better air quality, is designed to provide a protection extra before polluting agents such as dust and microorganisms. Its integrated filter removes up to 99% of pollen, smoke and viruses.

Very easy to put on and take off because it has elastic straps They ensure a good sealing effect and remain fixed in position. Exhaust valves help reduce heat and moisture buildup.

3. Covers cotton


They are masks made with cotton fabric with high quality double points that makes them much cleaner and ensures a firmer fit. An accessory that offers excellent permeability, soft, comfortable and safe texture.

Its design includes light strips They provide a good fit that does not harm or abuse the ears. The elastic material adjusts easily to the features of your face without causing any discomfort.

4. Mask with filter activated carbon


It is a strong and breathable product that is made with a cotton material that makes it very comfortable to wear. The mask is washable and reusable, it also has two activated carbon inserts that purify the air.

It is an ecological option and very convenient because it is a light piece equipped with a pair of bands. elastic and adjustable which allow for a firmer fit.

5. Protector three hats


Its cool design is adapts to the face To be used by both adults and children, this product has been made with three layers of non-woven fabric that makes them much safer than other masks. Provides firm protection and excellent breathability.

The loops of the ears are easy to adjust, in this way the mask adapts perfectly to the shape of your face, always keeping the nose and mouth protected. It is a very well ventilated and comfortable to wear.

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