Gifts for Mother’s Day to pamper her.

Although we are in the midst of a pandemic, we must not forget this May 10, give her a gift to pamper Mom. If you are thinking of a gift for mom we give you 5 options for a budget of less than $ 25 dollars. It is important that you estimate the delivery, because right now Amazon has a slower shipping time. Pamper Mom with these gift options.

1. Makeup set with shadows, highlighters, bronzers, blushes and lipsticks

A gift for moms who love to put makeup on their face, it is a set of the Physicians Formula brand that offers everything to give color to the face. Give a tan touch and color to the cheeks, or a very sweet tone to the lips or make a smokey eye. In addition, it has a small mirror in the center part. Ideal for experience different makeups with a single palette.

2. Clinique brand perfume set with floral notes

If your mom is a fragrance lover, this is a Clinique brand set with 3 perfumes. It mainly has some notes of mandarin flowers, red grapefruit, flowers and with a light woody touch. Ideal for women who love fresh, floral scent. They are small sets of perfumes to give this Mother’s Day, ideal to carry in the bag, cosmetic bag or to have by the bed to have a fresh aroma throughout the day.

3. Slippers to rest, Oprah Winfrey’s favorites with dry wash inside

It doesn’t matter what activities Mom does during the day, because her feet deserve a rest. These slippers are Oprah Winfrey’s favorites. Perhaps you think that they are any slippers and it is that it has a filling of dry French lavender to be able to relax the feet and they are made of a very soft fabric. The slippers you can put them in the microwave so that the lavender can be released even more. A gift for the most hard-working moms.

4. Jade roller and gua sha to care for facial skin and activate the lymphatic system

If your mom loves skin care products, this is a set that will help them absorb improve serums on the skin, give a massage to activate the lymphatic system and relax the face. It comes with a little guide, so that mom knows how to use it correctly and comes a brush to apply some facial mask. This May 10 to pamper mom with a nice gift.

5. Large minimalist bag with a small faux fur purse

This gift for May 10, is a bag with a closure inside and which measures about 11.8 ’’. It is a large bag that could fit various things. Its design is totally black minimalist. There are different colors, in case your mom loves to combine the bag with the color of her clothes. A nice and cheap Mother’s Day gift.

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