A garment that will relieve any discomfort in your back

The back pains They are quite annoying and produce a discomfort that prevents us on many occasions from moving or carrying out any type of activities normally. These pains usually manifest in the upper and middle back, usually caused by muscle injuries to the ligaments or simply by poor posture that we acquire when sleeping or working. A good way to end that pain is with one of the five girdles lumbar that we present below.

1. Lumbar support with pad

A belt that supports your back and is equipped with a premium removable pad that helps soothe any tension in the muscles. It has a double-layer design that allows a more personalized fit and better adapts to your particular needs.

This girdle adapts to any type of waist and is black. A garment that allows you to keep a good posture and helps to better distribute body weight.

2. Design to improve the posture

FlexGuard lumbar supports provide additional support to the spine and all surrounding muscles to provide quick relief from back pain. An elastic belt that is made with firm cloth reinforced with vertical metal bars.

This girdle is ideal for those who suffer from herniated discs, joint pain or who spend a lot of time sitting at the computer. The girdle has mesh pockets on the lower back where you can place it compresses to apply cold or heat treatments on this area.

3. Garment for lumbar adjustment

A girdle that is made with very good quality velcro fabric and totally flexible that adjusts easily to the measurements of the body. It is an orthopedic garment that is completely adjustable and breathable.

Being a waterproof girdle, it is quite useful to use while you do your exercises since its design allows you to stay dry and cool throughout the day. give to you lumbar area all the support you need to prevent pain or problems in the spine.

4. Sports belt with support for the back

An efficient lightweight premium quality belt. It is made of elastic materials and has an ergonomic design that conforms perfectly to the shape of the body. It has a breathable mesh that allows you to stay cool and dry.

It comes in a nice combination of black and pink, plus its patented design provides firm back support that eliminates pains chronic products of injury and poor posture when sitting or sleeping.

5. Girdle with double straps

A girdle that supports the lumbar region since it is made with four strong straps plus pads that allow you to keep the indicated posture. It is made of a stretch fabric and reinforced with a durable velcro closure.

A comfortable and resistant garment at the same time that is highly recommended for people suffering from herniated discs, sciatica, scoliosis or other problems related to the spine.

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