Pamper mom with jewelry gifts.

May 10 is approaching and if you have not yet thought about what gift could please and surprise mom, we recommend these jewelry items for women. They are different styles and with different budgets. Remember to order them soon, because due to the delivery times it can be postponed if you are Prime member, you will have shipping preference.

1. 18K Gold Rose Flower Necklace Earring Set

If you prefer to give a set that includes the necklace and combines with the earrings, this rose gold flower set is perfect. This 18-karat gold plated. It is a hypoallergenic jewelry set for women, so any mom can wear it. There are 7 other colors, in case mom likes red, purple or blue.

2. Set of 36 earrings ideal to use with any outfit

Because different outfits must always wear different earrings, this is a set of 36 pairs. They are of different colors, in addition, there are different sizes from earrings to small ones to the ear. You can combine them thousands of times, an excellent gift option for Mother’s Day at a great price.

3. Cubic zirconia set with necklace, earrings and bracelet in silver color

This set has a totally elegant touch that are made of cubic zirconia, it is also plated in 18 carat white gold. It has a simulated diamond in white color. Comes in a luxury box with a certificate of authenticity of your materials. This women’s jewelry set is also in blue.

4. Long necklace and earrings made of rattan a very bohemian touch

Rattan is a material very bohemian and very resistantThis is the long necklace set and some long round earrings with a golden touch. They will combine with neutral colors and even with brightly colored blouses. This set that we propose to you as a gift for Mother’s Day will be very easy to care for and clean. A cute set, to surprise mom on this special day.

5. Gold-plated pearl necklace with six dazzling diamonds

For moms who like a more minimalist touch of jewelry or can’t miss a truly luxurious necklace. It has diamonds around it with a gold hip and a pearl in the center. This gift for Mother’s Day is a simple but elegant necklace. It is a luxury necklace, so we assure you that mom will be surprised by the quality and materials.

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