Make your home a safe space for the whole family

The Cleaning products They are important in ensuring that our home will be a safe space for our entire family. Many of them have powerful formulas, certified and made with high-quality ingredients that eliminate dirt, germs and other particles that can cause disease. So today we bring you five floor disinfectants with which you can eliminate any microorganism that is hidden on its surface.

1. Cleaner liquid concentrated

It is a gallon that contains a powerful and concentrated formula that is totally oil free that leaves any surface completely sterilized and with a pleasant fresh aroma. It is a safe product that instantly removes dust and dirt.

Its patented formula leaves no residue, it is safe to use in any floor type and provides a permanent shine. This disinfectant is an efficient way to eliminate any microorganism that tries to invade your home.

2. Citrus formula natural

A product with a powerful formula that leaves a pleasant citrus scent. The patented formula is totally free of alciphenol surfactants, petroleum derivatives and other additives that can be harmful to health.

You can use it to disinfect hardwood, ceramic, stone flooring, bamboo, vinyl, laminate, and other types of surfaces. The proprietary formula leaves no residue and is effective at removing stains, spills and dirt.

3. Disinfectant with formula 3 in 1

It is a product available in a 798 ml presentation with a liquid compound with a fast-acting formula 3 in 1. It is designed to easily penetrate any surface helping to preserve its original shine.

With this product you can even eliminate dirt and grime more difficult to remove. Cleans, shines, restores and creates a protective layer on surfaces such as wood, laminates, cork, ceramics and others.

4. Concentrated cleaner multisurfaces

It is an 800 ml embace with a professional formula to clean delicate surfaces such as hardwood, tile and granite. The product provides much more shine and permanent protection on the surface on which it is applied.

It is a very practical formula since you can dilute it in water and use it to clean all the surfaces of your floors removing dirt, grease and other particularly difficult to remove.

5. Disinfectant with formula anti odor

A product with a formula anti odor It is made with biodegradable detergents and is totally free of heavy metals, phosphates and dyes. This disinfectant is designed to eliminate odors and microorganisms.

You can use it on hard floors such as wood, ceramics and even on more delicate surfaces such as vinyl, terrazzo and other materials. This product is totally safe and has a fast action that protects the surface for a long time.

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