Have you tired of finding torrent search engines that no longer work? Check out this list of functional search engines in 2019 and 2020.
After a fairly busy year in everything that has to do with Internet freedom, many torrent search engines have fallen to give way to other alternatives with which to download torrent files from an external client.

Fortunately, the number of pages is still quite high, beyond the established platforms that we all know, and to test a button: we have compiled ten of the best torrent search engines most popular for next 2020.

Before proceeding with the article, it is necessary to clarify that techhow.org does not promote the illegal downloading of digital content. The purpose is merely informative, which is why we will not link to any third party sites.


KickAss has fallen in battle more times than other torrent seekers; it is currently along with The Pirate Bay that is one of the most complete options. Although Kickass has changed its address many times due to legal issues, it is currently possible to access the web through proxies provided in this article.

Its library of KickAss Torrent or KAT in relation to the content it offers is immense, and we can download the content of all kinds: from music, movies, programs, and games to operating systems and any multimedia item.


Despite its name, the web has no relationship with Tor, the free code browser to access the Deep Web anonymously.
While it is true that it has a library comparable to that of Kickass, most of its files have few seeds, that is, seeds on which the original file depends.

For the rest, the web does not differ much from the rest of torrent search engines, although its content specializes in music, series, movies, and television programs.


The Pirate Bay does not need any intro. Probably the most popular torrent search engine and the one with the most content in 2019 and 2020. It is also one of the most persecuted.

As far as content is concerned, The Pirate Bay has an almost infinite library of files of all kinds. Music, videos, programs for Windows, Mac and Linux, operating systems, games, and much more. When navigating between torrent links, however, you should pay attention to the fake buttons feel free to download.


If you are looking for a page to search for torrent files from movies, series, or any other graphic document, Elite Torrent is probably the best website.

Premium series, billboard movies, television programs…. Due to its recent blockage, we will have to use proxies to enter the web.


A page very similar to Elite Torrent in terms of a variety of content and theme, although its catalog is somewhat lower in number.
Like the website mentioned above, Viva Torrent focuses its content on graphic documents of all kinds. Movies, series, television shows, documentaries, short films, and much more. Being a Spanish website, all of its content is in Spanish or with subtitles in the Cervantes language.


With an appearance, Torrent Downloads is very similar to Kickass, Torrent Downloads has a catalog of files practically traced to that of the latter, although part of its content focuses on movies, series, and TV shows.

However, it is also possible to find computer programs, outdated versions of operating systems, music, and images of files in ISO format, among others. We can find everything that we can’t find in the other torrent search engines. The good thing is that it has a fairly high number of seeds or seeds to download files faster.


DivxTotal has transferred on many domains and servers. Divxtotal continues its war to be best between the best-known torrent search engines on the Internet. It has one of the largest catalogs of series, movies, and television programs.
Again we will have to use a VPN or proxy application to access DivxTotal.


LimeTorrent is very much similar to Kickass Torrent and Torrent Downloads in both the way of content and appearance.
It has a multitude of programs, operating systems, music, series, and movies, among other types of files.
Like The Pirate Bay, we will have to keep an eye out to avoid clicking on false download buttons when navigating between web links.


It does not stand out for its appearance, but as far as content is concerned, the web has nothing to envy to the other alternatives and torrent search engines.


It is not a web. Not even from a torrent client. It is a program very similar to Netflix with which we can watch series and movies in streaming through torrent files without downloading physically on the computer, although the application has this option.
It also has an Android application. It has most of the content is in English and the original version