Every wedding needs a cake, and you can make yours at home

The wedding cake It is an important piece in the atmosphere of the celebration, since it is a key element of the decoration that also gives the opportunity to offer them a delicious dessert. If you are a demanding bride with pastry skills, it is more than evident that your expectations for the cake will be quite high. If you are a skilled cook, you can accept the challenge of making the cake by yourself and that is why today we bring you some tools that will be of great help to you.

1. Round mold stainless steel

It is a seven inch round mold which is made of stainless steel Heavy gauge that is durable to use and dishwasher safe. Its shape allows for better heat distribution.

It is an ideal option for you to prepare your favorite cakes without suffering damage when disassembled. You can also use it to prepare a great variety of saucers.

2. Hand mixer with support

It is a hand mixer equipped with a stand and that includes a stainless steel bowl with capacity for four quarts. This tool has a maximum power of 290 watts and has six speed settings.

It is a design that is equipped with whisk accessories and even has a rest function that allows you to move the bowl through its base. A kitchen utensil Easy to use that allows you to always obtain results worthy of a professional.

3. Set of nozzles for decor

It is a set of 46 tools to decorate cakes that include the nozzles to make designs of stars, leaves, petals and round tips. It also has a spatula stainless steel, decoration bags and a quick turn coupler.

A cake is a blank canvas that you can fill with different decorations on the sides and on the top. These tools allow you to give your personal touch to each cake and create desserts aesthetically perfect whenever you want.

4. Digital scale stainless steel

It is a digital scale designed with a stainless steel platform equipped with anti-fingerprint technology to make it much easier to clean. It works with two AAA batteries that are included.

It is a practical option that has auto power off which is activated after two minutes. In addition, its screen includes a backlit viewfinder with an alert that indicates when the battery is low.

5. Spoons and cups gauges

It is a combo that includes four spoons and four measuring cups that are made with stainless steel dishwasher resistant. All the pieces are joined by a ring made of the same material.

The secret to a good cake is a accurate measurement of the necessary ingredients. These baking tools allow you to have full control over every ingredient in your cake and are also made of a durable material that is safe to handle food.

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