Spend time and care on your hair to keep it healthy …

You feel that your hair is stagnant, it is falling out, it does not grow, or you cut it and now you regret … So what you need is a product that you can use to accelerate hair growth in a healthy way. Check out these options below.

1. Vitamin supplements – Sugar Bear Hair:

Vegetarian gummies in the form of bears with biotin, zinc, vitamins and minerals. It has a pleasant sweet flavor given by coconut oil and sugar. Ideal for people who have trouble taking pills.

These gummies not only stimulate growth and strengthen hair, their ingredients provide general well-being and work by strengthening nails and increasing defenses. With more than 2300 reviews, this product is a Best Seller in Amazon.

2. Salerm vials of Vegetable placenta:

This product It is based on a vegetable placenta. Applying it will begin to strengthen the root, so it will prevent hair loss and make it very soft and silky. In addition, it will give shine without having a greasy feeling. Its smell is herbal and it is recommended to apply it after the shower.

The treatment has more than 90 sales with a total of 74% satisfaction. Also its price is very economical to contain 4 ampoules.

3. Serum B Radiant:

If you have dry, short and brittle hair, this gel textured serum should be put on your scalp. Control hair loss, prevent baldness and stimulate hair growth while creating volume, leaving your hair radiant, strong, soft and silky.

You do not need to rinse the serum just put and let it act. This serum It is a product that can be used by men and women with any type of hair. Its price of $ 19 dollars is ideal for any type of budget.

Some tips you can follow to maintain optimal hair health are:

  1. Apply masks
  2. Cut it regularly
  3. Massage your scalp dry and when you wash it
  4. When you wash it, dry it gently with the towel and in the minimum
  5. Use a good brush of natural fibers