Many of you certainly spend hours staring at the screen smartphone. But, did you know that screen smartphone radiate blue light or blue light can harm the eyes? Fortunately, this danger can be minimized by installing the blue light filter application on Android.

Blue or light rays blue light from the screen smartphone can disturb the body’s balance. Starting from making the eyes tired quickly, making you difficult to sleep, to the most severe, damaging the retina of the eye.

To minimize this risk, there are several solutions you can try to implement. Besides reducing the duration of use smartphone, You can also try using the blue light filter application available on Android.

Therefore, this time we will share tips on how to install the blue light filter application on smartphone Android. Certainly easy and no complicated. Check it out!

  • First of all, download the application Blue Light Filter.
  • Next, open the application you just installed.
  • Click the button Power to turn on the blue light filter feature in the application.
  • Allow the application to be able to run on top of other applications or settings Display over other apps.
  • After the blue light filter is active, the smartphone screen will turn slightly yellowish.
  • You can also adjust the intensity of the filter that is used according to the comfort of your eyes.
  • In addition to its intensity, you can also adjust how high or low the brightness of the screen smartphone.

Not only reduces the intensity of blue light, this application can make your eyes more comfortable when using smartphone in the evening. Applications are also claimed to be able to make smartphone more power efficient because it reduces blue light emission.

Timer options are also available, so users can easily set when the application is active or not. Can be activated from the morning, until later it will turn off automatically while sleeping at night.

With this, it is expected to minimize emissions blue light from the screen smartphone which can be bad for your eyes.

That’s how to install the blue light filter application on an Android smartph1. Certainly very easy right. Good luck and good luck!