You must have experienced it while you were download file, the laptop must be closed because it will leave the office. As a result, the file being downloaded does not finish downloading. This happens because it’s usually a Windows laptop default will enter the condition standby when closed.

When in fact you do not need to be upset, because you can set the laptop to keep it running when closed. Don’t know how?

Well, for those of you who are still confused about how to prevent a laptop standby when closed, here are tips from the TechHow team for you.

  1. First enter the application menu Control Panel
  2. Then choose Hardware & Sound
  3. Next choose the menu Power Options
  4. Then on the left side, select Choose What Closing Lid Does
  5. In this window, there will be settings When I Close the Lid. This option is also divided into options On Battery and Plugged In. On Battery is when the laptop is not connected by charging, meanwhile Plugged In is when the laptop is connected with charging.
  6. Under these settings, change the default option ‘Sleep’ to Do Nothing. You can set these options both when On Battery and Plugged in.
  7. Then choose Save Changes in the below section. This way, your laptop will no longer standby when closed.

To shorten the steps, you can directly enter the Lid settings menu by searching in the Search Bar column. Namely by typing the word “Lid” and select the menu “Change What Closing Lid Does”, then you will go directly to the Lid settings menu.

Keep in mind, that the tips above only apply to laptops with Windows OS 10. Because the way to keep the laptop off standby when it is closed on another OS is certainly to have a different step.

That’s the easy way to change the Lid settings on a Laptop. In this way, your Windows laptop will no longer Standby or even Shut down automatically when closed. Hopefully this simple useful for you!