Emotionally healthy people also feel stress and anxiety.

Emotional health is extremely important to feel healthy because you can be in control of your feelings, thoughts and a good attitude towards life.

Being emotionally healthy does not mean being happy and joyful all the time. This means being aware and understanding your emotions.

Recognize the moments of sadness, discomfort, insecurity, fear and know how to deal with the mixture of feelings.

Feeling good emotional health takes time and certain skills to maintain it. That is why we offer some tips to have that desired emotional health on mothers day.

1. Express feelings: Let your family, friends, and close people know when you don’t like or upset something. Maintaining that internal discomfort can cause great tension and can damage the relationship.

2. Find balance: Finding a healthy balance between work and personal life is not easy. Take the time to think about positive things and activities that you can enjoy. There is time for everything.

3. Think before acting: Thinking before saying or doing something you may regret. Peace of mind gives you the time you need to achieve emotional health.

4. Take care of your physical health: If you feel that your physique is uncomfortable that will create anxiety, insecurity and you will not be happy. Find a way to exercise regularly, eat healthy foods and get enough rest. You will have surprising results.

5. Positive: Concentrate on positive attitudes. Forgive, forget and find a way not to make the same mistakes. Share with people who add and do not subtract means do not spend time with people who do not contribute positively to your life.

Maintaining adequate emotional health is an everyday job. Look for alternatives to achieve that necessary peace, without a doubt this mothers day will be a very different and special one because you are going to live it with Health. Congratulations !!

1. Jorge Tizón: Book Emotional health in times of pandemic

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