The best gift for a new mom!

Since the Mother’s day is coming, it’s time to think about what is the perfect gift for a new mom. This Mother’s Day, Owlet Baby Care celebrates new moms by giving them exactly what they need: peace of mind and a full night’s sleep, especially on these days when everyone is home together.

From the May 3 to May 10Owlet is offering huge discounts on three of his innovative technology products for gift ideas you can make to Mom on her day. Check them out below.

1. Smart Sock 2 to $ 249 (you will save $ 50):

Designed to wrap your baby’s foot, the Smart Sock Monitor heart rate, oxygen levels, and sleep cycles using clinically proven pulse oximetry. Connected via Bluetooth to the base station, this technology notifies you with lights and sounds if your baby’s heart rate or oxygen levels are different from the predetermined levels. This information is also sent to the Owlet App on your smartphone, so you can monitor the data, including sleep cycles during each sleep period.

2. Camera to $ 119 (you will save $ 30):

Listen and watch your child from anywhere with the Owlet cam. Broadcasting 1080p HD video with night vision and two-way audio, the camera connects directly to your smartphone via a secure, encrypted Wi-Fi connection that will keep you aware of your baby’s needs at all times.

3. Duo Monitor to $ 368 (you will save $ 30):

The Owlet Smart Monitor is the first baby system to monitor heart and oxygen levels as it broadcasts live video and audio to your ph1. It provides remote monitoring from anywhere, and you can stay connected to your baby from wherever you are, monitoring the time your baby needs to fall asleep, checking his sleep quality and keeping track of the times he wakes up at night.