The right clothes to have a relaxing day at home

The comfort when we are at home it is one of the biggest priorities. In these days where many people are forced to spend more time in these spaces, it is very important to do everything in our power to make quarantine much easier to carry. Every little detail counts, for this reason today we present you the best designs in underwear, available in large sizes, that will make you feel great while you are at home.

1. Classic garments of cotton

Panties will always be the most essential piece of underwear to guarantee our comfort and combine it with our personal style. This set includes six panties made of cotton Imported reinforced with plush to make it much softer on contact with the skin.

This set is available in a wide variety of colors and designs so you can choose the one that best suits you. Each panty is made with fine threads to give an extra feeling of softness.

2. Sports bra for woman

Sports bras are a good option when you are looking for comfort. This set includes three that have been designed with quality fabrics such as lycra and nylon. They are light impact and are available in large sizes.

Its fabric is ultra soft, so it will give you extra support and comfort when using them. They will serve you to do yoga, sport activities high performance or just to spend a calm and carefree day at home.

3. Underpants microfiber

These briefs are super comfortable and elastic to be able to adjust to each type of body. They are made with fabric of microfiber Soft and available in a wide variety of attractive designs. The set consists of six pastel tights.

A underwear comfortable and good quality that is perfect to be at home for several days. A comfortable and elastic garment that will help you feel comfortable no matter what the day’s plans are.

4. Panties of lace

If you like sexy underwear, this design will enchant you with its classic style with floral lace. They are made with elastic band in the upper part so that they hold very well to the shape of your body, they also have a combination of nylon and cotton that do not irritate your skin.

These pantyhose come in different sizes so you can choose the one that suits your figure and make you feel very comfortable while you are at home. They come in six colors different so you have one for each day.

5. Underwear of cotton

This underwear has been designed with cotton and spandex fabric so that they are elastic and adapt easily to the shape of your body. No fluff nor do they pinch the skin.

Pantyhose are high cut until the hip and are designed not to curl or discolor. They are ideal for daily use if you are going out somewhere or spend a quiet day at home.

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