Patented formulas to take care of your eyes

Take care of our eyes and keeping them safe from any infection or disease is very important, as it is well known that 80% of the information received by the brain is supplied by the sense of sight. Therefore, keeping them healthy is essential in order to lead an optimal lifestyle that allows us to be more efficient. For you to have good eye health daily, we bring you some products that will allow you to take care of them properly.

1. Drops for the eyes

It is a product with a formula developed by doctors to reduce the redness that occurs in the eyes as a result of excessive exposure to light radiated by the monitors. They are drops of immediate effect and that protect your eyes even for eight hours.

You can also apply them in the morning when you get up to reduce the appearance of tired eyes, it also helps you reduce swelling in that area. The product is completely free of bleach or artificial colors that can cause allergic reactions.

2. Lubricant in drops

Refresh Tears is a product that provides you lasting relief and greater protection of your eye cells. Its eye drops formula helps to heal the dryness of the eyes, acting as a solution that refreshes and restores moisture.

A few drops that are ideal for those who tend to spend a lot of time in front of the computer or any kind of soft light that can cause eyestrain. It is recommended to apply between 1 to 2 drops in the affected eyes to help them stay properly hydrated.

3. Therapy to treat dry eyes

They are lubricating eye drops that provide immediate and lasting relief. This product is very easy to apply, you just have to turn the tab completely out and apply between 1 to 2 drops in each eye.

Taking care of sight is necessary and with Thera Tears, you will be giving total relief to your eye cells after a tiring day. Excessive reading and exposing yourself to the constant brightness of telephones, televisions and computers are habits that can produce dry eyes.

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