The latest to add more style to your bathroom

Remodel the bathroom in the house is a job that allows you to turn this room into an attractive and cozy environment. It is also an opportunity to get a little more creative and breathe new life into one of the most important rooms in your home. Thinking about it, today we have gathered the best products and tools so you can enjoy a completely renovated bathroom without spending a lot of money.

1. Floating shelves wood

A floating shelf that has a rustic look with a wood finish and a sturdy metal frame. Is very easy to install and it has enough space to organize each of the items in your bathroom.

It is a great option if you want to have your personal hygiene products always at hand, including your bath towels. You can even accommodate some artificial plants to add a touch more minimalist.

2. Organizer for showers

It is an organizing shelf that has 6 baskets angled, 2 flat storage shelves and 2 double hooks. The design of each grid has been thought to allow the flow of water and prevent the proliferation of fungi.

You will be able to accommodate your cloths, shampoo, sponges, shaver and more products. If you want to get the maximum profit In every corner of your bathroom, this sturdy cabinet is a good start.

3. Set of rugs bathroom

A set of non-slip mats made of absorbent microfiber materials that are perfectly resistant to machine wash. The set consists of two rugs: one for the toilet and one at the entrance to the shower.

If it has happened to you that when you get out of the shower you find a puddle of water and you feel like you can slip, with these bathroom mats you can say goodbye to this problem since they are designed to absorb quickly any liquid.

4. Faucet in a modern style

This is a faucet built with materials durable It has a contemporary design that easily adapts to any type of decoration and gives a more modern style to the bathroom.

Its dark shades give it a very attractive and more conservative touch. It stands out because it is very easy to install, since all the pieces come ready for a fast connection.

5. Mirror intelligent with LED lights

It is a smart bathroom mirror with a standard size that has LED panels that light up with a touch button. It has been built with quality anti-fog materials and completely waterproof.

You can configure its lighting and even simulate sunlight for a better experience and better appreciate every detail. It has a warranty 3 years to get the most out of it.

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