The ideal complement for decorating your room

A nightstand It is one of the most practical objects that we can have in our room, since they are ideal furniture to have within reach those belongings such as books, important documents, some light source and even medicines. For this reason, today we bring you some games with incredible designs and available at prices that will not affect your budget.

1. Heavy duty type structure industrial


They are furniture with an urban, practical, linear and very elegant touch. its industrial aspect So modern is provided by its black steel frame that is complemented by the top made of wood with a rustic finish.

Create an interesting mix of styles and give your room a lot more storage space thanks to its two shelves very resistant mesh.

2. Nightstand with drawer


They are tables with a simple and elegant design that have a compact size that allows them to easily adapt to any room. They are made of composite wood and also have very light containers.

its flat surface It is ideal to place on them any object, ornament or element that you want to always have at your side when you go to sleep. Give your room a much more modern and refined look with these furniture made with premium quality materials.

3. Style simple with robust wood


It is a set of two tables that are made with a frame of PVC tubes and wood. Its surface is robust and flatThis makes it very easy to assemble since it does not require the use of tools.

Its size allows them to adapt comfortably to any room, regardless of its dimensions. They are ideal for match with your bed and give it that touch of distinction that you like so much to have in your room.

4. Modern design and stackable


These tables have been designed with a trapezoidal structure and made with very resistant bamboo wood, this gives you the possibility of distributing them individually in the room or stacking one on top of the other to have a medium-sized shelf.

They are furniture with an exclusive and modern design that are also made 100% with renewable and sustainable materials. Their ingenious design makes them very versatile and they allow you to get the most out of the space you have available.

5. Side table with Two colors


It is a set of two tables that have a simple and elegant design that at the same time remains functional and suitable for any room. It has been made with wood, they also have a size and design that allows them to adapt to any space and decoration.

It has a resistant flat surface that is ideal for placing photos, alarm clock, lamp, electronic devices and everything you want to always have on hand every time you are in your room.

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