A very useful tool for daily maintenance

Thanks to new advances in technology, automotive checks are becoming a much more flexible, practical and quick task to perform by yourself. Many lightweight, portable and digital devices have become essential tools to ensure that our car always be in optimal conditions and we can travel safely. That is why below we present some digital meters so you can measure the air pressure of your tires easily and practically.

1. Meter digital with hose

A device that uses advanced precision technique with professional calibration and it has an LED backlight display with measurements in PSI, KPA, Bar and Kg / cm ^ 2. Product includes an inflator, straight lock chuck, gauge, hose, and bleed valve.

A tool made to increase tire performance, while allowing you a much safer ride with less unforeseen. It also has an automatic on and off system that is really very practical.

2. Meter professional with swivel hose

A professional precision tool that includes a resistance system and advanced motor, as well as a digital meter, a rotating air hose and a LCD screen which shows the values ‚Äč‚Äčinstantly.

This meter is a highly intuitive and high quality device, it is also an easy to use device that is equipped with high precision systems that make it very strong and safe to use.

3. Portable device with hermetic seal

It is a portable measurement system with a reliable reader and a sturdy frame made of solid shielded brass. Features a shank with 360 degree rotatable chuck and extended tip with hermetic seal. It is equipped with an advanced and innovative motor that allows fast air loading.

It is a guaranteed product with a classic design and practical system that can get you out of any trouble. It is a strong, durable and easy to store tool inside any available space in your car.

4. Gauge with grip anti-slip

It is a portable digital meter that has a screen Backlight LCD, nozzle with integrated flashlight and a non-slip pressure design that makes it a really easy tool to use.

It is one of the best options of this type because its Ergonomic design that allows maneuvering very easily. Its built-in light is perfect for dealing with any type of emergency at night or in poorly lit areas.

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