An extra bed never hurts at home

An excellent option to make the most of the space available within a room and always have an additional place for guests to stay overnight, are the bunk beds. In this sense, this type of furniture is resistant and easy to assemble structures that, in addition to being comfortable for sleeping, are also a fundamental part of the decor. If you want to make the most of the space in your guest room, pay attention to the bunk beds shown below.

1. Triple bunk bed for children and adolescents


It is a bunk bed that has a removable design, this allows Two levels can be separated and organized as fully individual beds. The cabinet even has assembly instructions and tools.

A perfect option if you have little space available within the room. You can place it in any of the spaces in your house and even give a more personal treatment to each guest.

2. Wooden furniture handmade


It is a bed that has a double bunk design that is handmade with a wooden structure resistant which has a traditional design and aesthetics of smooth curves perfect to adapt to any room.

At the top it has vertical slats on both headboards and at the foot of each structure. This gives them much more resistance and gives them a professional finish.

3. Classic style with storage rack


It is a piece of furniture with a metal frame that has an impressive silver, black and white finish. The furniture has an industrial quality coating that makes the bunk bed wear resistant and scratches.

It is simple, elegant and best of all, it allows you to save space, this makes this furniture a perfect structure to satisfy the needs and expectations of people who live at home or small apartments who love to receive visitors.

4. Bunk bed Pinewood


It is a bunk bed made of high quality pine wood. Its structure includes some full slats that give it a more modern touch and combine perfectly with its dark brown tone finish.

A piece of furniture that allows you to make better use of the space of any of the rooms from your house. A structure that creates a spacious, harmonious environment and perfect for resting at night.

5. Modern design with metal frame


It is a sturdy structure that includes a double upper bunk on a full background which adds additional resistance. The design includes two integrated side stairs to provide more practical access to the upper bed.

A classic looking piece of furniture that offers you the right amount of support, to make each bed a surface comfortable and resistant where to rest. Its elegant design allows you to save space in any room and makes it very easy to assemble.

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