Protect your vehicle from the harmful rays of the sun

The awnings for cars are folding and portable accessories with simple structures whose function is to protect and care for vehicles from damage that can be caused by environmental factors such as sun, rain and wind. All are UV resistant and have very practical designs that can be assembled in seconds without the need for tools. If you do not have a covered space to store your car, pay attention to the following awnings.

1. Multipurpose awning of 6 legs

It is a beige multipurpose awning made with double polyethylene fabric reinforced with a white powder coated steel frame. This accessory includes some pads on the legs that provide greater stability and balance.

A piece made with high quality materials that guarantees a long useful life. Its steel frame is resistant to rust and corrosion, and its industrial quality fabric protects your vehicle from UV rays, water, wind, and snow.

2. White cover waterproof

It is a white piece made of waterproof polyethylene and has a steel frame with compression closure for extra security. It also has a wide diameter that gives it better stability.

This piece is easy to mount and dismountThis allows you to save a lot of time and effort. It is a sturdy accessory that is designed to protect your vehicle from the negative effects of parking it outdoors.

3. Tent for Exterior

Car sunscreen that features a sturdy frame made with galvanized pipes stainless that provide greater resistance. It also includes stakes, fittings, steel foot bases, and a sturdy extra-thick polyethylene tarp.

This awning will provide your vehicle with all the protection it needs, thanks to its skeleton structure that is easy to assemble and provides a lot of stability. It also includes three steel cables that allow it to remain stable even under extreme conditions.

4. Portable protector Gray

It is a closed style awning with sturdy metal skeleton of high quality which has a portable gray design. Includes connections and balance bases made of steel.

This closed awning is ideal for improvising a parking lot outdoor It has the perfect measures to adapt to cars, trucks, boats and other means of transportation. Also, it can be a firm structure where you can enjoy a day of camping.

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