The best to make your home a space full of harmony

The energies they are an essential part of achieving personal peace of mind. This occurs because each individual has an aura with different vibrations, which can change with the help of some minerals with properties that help to maintain the balance between the spiritual, mental and physical side. With this in mind, today we present you some amulets of natural stones that will make your home a space where harmony can flow easily.

1. Bonsai tree with natural stones

It is a bonsai tree made with a base of natural resin and some wire branches that reach a height of 7 inches. The leaves of this amulet are multi-colored crystals extracted from stones such as citrine, amethyst, quartz and carnelian.

A sacred tree that transmits high vibrations to guarantee good luck, healing, and wealth. The piece is loaded with positive energies that radiates in all the rooms of your home or office.

2. Set of engraved stones

It is a set of active stones that represent each of the engravings associated with the seven chakras that make up the physical body. They have an oversized circle design and a natural polished look.

They are essential tools to awaken the spirit and transmit healing properties that allow you to face any obstacle that gets in your way. They are useful to stimulate the flow of positive energies, concentration and relaxation.

3. Pendant with natural crystals

It is a pendant designed with quartz, amethyst, sodalite, carnelian and red jasper crystals that are attached to a cord made of a resistant fabric. This amulet includes its own gift box.

In feng shui, each of these stones represents the seven chakras of the body. Being together in the same talisman, they help enrich the spirit, generate well-being and serve as an energetic reinforcement that motivates you to keep going.

4. Hexagonal board with healing crystals

It is a polished hexagonal base that includes seven crystals of healing they are represented in precious stones such as amethyst, sodalite, yellow aventurine, green aventurine, jasper and obsidian. This accessory includes a storage box.

It is an amulet that symbolizes the physical, mental and emotional state of its wearer. Its influence within the space allows it to attract positive vibes that stimulate abundance, health and love.

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