Keep track of time and temperature with a single device

The clocks they are fundamental pieces that are an important part of the home. New technological advancements have endowed these precision tools with much more complex functions than just staying on top of time and dates. Today we present you a table clocks that are equipped with sensors that allow them to measure the internal temperature from your home.

1. Clock with temperature gauge

It’s an alarm clock digital wireless with HD LCD screen that includes a monitor that shows the humidity level and interior temperature of the house. It has an automatic night light and a system that allows you to program multiple alarms a day.

It is a very useful and elegant tool in which you will be able to see in a very detailed and clear way the levels of humidity and temperature inside the room at any time of the day.

2. Piece of wood with led light

A digital watch with an LED display that features a black wooden frame and a setting system of dual alarms. The piece has an elegant design and has three levels of brightness adjustment, as well as a sensor that allows you to determine the temperature and humidity.

This product works with a USB power cable allowing you to charge it with any device with this type of input. Is a versatile accessory that gives a very modern touch to any room.

3. Temperature measurement system and Moon phases

It is a digital clock with a screen where it shows the interior and exterior temperature and the phases of the moon through very easy to read graphics. It is an accessory that transmits accurate data They are constantly updated to keep you always informed.

It is a complement that perfectly combines with the decoration of any room, study and other spaces in your home. It is a functional and High capacities which will always be very useful.

4. Wall device self adjusting

An accessory with a four-inch screen and an adjustable system of radio frequencies that allows you to display accurate and reliable data. It also has a refined design and large dials that make viewing much easier.

An ideal option to have in your home and be aware of the weather, dates, temperatures and even humidity of the air inside the room. It is a lightweight product that works with works efficiently with a pair of double AA batteries.

5. Alarm clock digital

A watch that has a large LED screen with a smart regulator It has four levels of brightness that adapt to the time of day and lighting inside the room. Features a snooze alarm and a device-compatible USB connector Android.

It is an elegant clock that will match any type of decoration, since it has an intelligent and advanced self-regulation system that allows you to adapt the brightness of your screen so that you can always read it in total comfort. The accessory also has sensors that measure the humidity and internal temperature of the room at all times.

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