The latest in products for you to enjoy an impeccable home

Fabrics and other materials used to make furniture are very vulnerable to dirt and stains, that apart from damaging their aesthetics, they are a breeding ground for microorganisms that produce diseases. It is extremely important to keep them clean to make our home a safe space for the whole family, so below we bring you five sprays with formulas so that you leave them impeccable.

1. Spray multipurpose disinfectant

It is a product with a concentrated formula for cleaning upholstery and all kinds of fabrics that are part of the decoration of your home. The formula penetrates effectively in any fabric, eliminating bad odors, stains and other dirt residues.

This product is safe to use and can be used to remove dirt from delicate surfaces such as polyester, nylon and cotton. The product is capable of cleaning an area of ​​up to 1600 feet squares.

2. Treatment instant for upholstery

It is a product with a liquid formula Available in a 32 ounce package that is very practical and easy to use on any piece of furniture. The solution is effective to remove dirt, stains, viruses and bacteria instantly.

It is an effective product that will help you say goodbye to the most common stains and difficult to remove. The patented formula is perfect for cleaning food, drink and other variety of elements that can damage your furniture.

3. Cleaner for upholstery and fabric

It’s 12 ounces of a restorative formula with effective components that quickly dissolves difficult stains and bad odors. It is a safe product with a non-toxic composition that provides an instant and lasting clean on any piece of furniture.

It is a product with which you can give a fresh and clean look to all the furniture in your home. A minimum portion of the product is enough to remove dirt and stains from any type of material. The formula penetrates deep into the fibers and removes any type of substance where microorganisms that can cause diseases can hide.

4. Advanced formula in spray

It is a product with advanced formula triple oxy Able to eliminate stains as well as bad odors that can produce them. It is a compound available in a 650 ml presentation of a formula that penetrates deep into the upholstery.

With this product you can remove in a way quick and easy all stains, even the most difficult to remove from furniture made with the most delicate materials. This compound is capable of penetrating directly into the affected areas and instantly removing mud, ink, chocolate and grease.

5. Stain remover liquid

It is a product with a formula of double action Available in a 768 ml presentation. It is a Scotch Gard cleaner with protector that in addition to thoroughly cleaning the upholstery, it provides a protective layer to the upholstery.

A multi-action product that penetrates rugs and upholstery without leaving residues. A patented formula capable of instantly removing bad odors and keeping your home furniture clean.

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