A garment to keep you in shape without leaving home

Currently, to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in many countries of the world, it has been taken as a preventive measure to remain at home. It is best to take advantage of that time to start all kinds of activities and personal projects. If your goals include losing weight or staying fit, here are five girdles sneakers ideal for exercising at home.

1. Training girdle for slim down

This belt type girdle helps shape your figure immediately. It is made of comfortable and adjustable fabrics like latex that allow it to adjust to the shape of your body.

With this girdle you can improve the posture of your body and at the same time give compression to those problem areas such as the abdominal area to help you reduce measures progressively.

2. Vest sporty guy

A garment made with very high quality material that has a neoprene upper that accelerates weight loss. Your type design zipper corset It is equipped with 3 rows of hooks and 2 adjustable straps to provide a firm fit that adapts to your body shape.

A garment that allows you to control your abdomen and back, hide the fat on your waist and wear an hourglass figure while offering better stability and lumbar support.

3. Belt training

A belt style belt that is very practical and easy to use. This garment is made of with a adjustable fabric, flexible and durable, made mainly with neoprene totally free of latex or other fabrics that can hurt your skin.

This girdle does not produce allergies or irritate the skin, it also allows you to feel very secure thanks to its hooks that fit the body and its internal mesh completely breathable.

4. Double girdle neoprene

A practical, shaping piece that is made of neoprene, which gives you the elasticity and strength to have a firm fit. Its design reduces and shrinks waist size and helps define the curves natural of the body.

The girdle is ideal for gymnastic training, yoga or low impact exercises. A garment that uses the principle of sauna effect to help you burn fat from your abdominal area and reduce measures progressively.

5. Design to reduce measures in the belly

An ideal girdle to flatten the abdomen and belly as it works like a sauna that increases body heat to make you sweat many more toxins during your exercise routines. It is designed with material strong and durable like neoprene and has a velcro closure.

Its waist compression technology allows a firm fit that gives you the figure of Hourglass that you have wanted so much. A very versatile garment that easily adapts to any personal training routine.

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