A homemade treatment to strengthen your hair

The hair It is the frame of our face, for this reason it is so vital to keep it well-groomed and well hydrated at all times. An excellent option to guarantee the good health of the hair is including within your ritual of hair care a hair masksFor this reason, today we bring you the best options that you can use to show off incredible hair without leaving home.

1. Treatment keratin and collagen


This is a hair treatment mainly formulated with biotin, collagen and keratin They are ingredients that improve the condition of the hair, while leaving it much more silky and with a natural shine.

The product also helps repair the structure of the damaged hair from the root and provides a nutrient reinforcement that helps each strand regain its elasticity and natural hardness.

2. Formula with extra keratin


It is a keratin mask for professional use that is responsible for revitalize dry hair or over exposed to chemical or heat treatments. Its formula works immediately leaving your hair softer and with restored elasticity.

As the mask repairs and nourishes, your scalp begins to regain shine as it gradually regains its strength and volume. An excellent option that allows you to obtain salon results in the comfort of your home.

3. Mask with Argan oil

Is a special treatment to apply on dry, damaged and fragile hair that is formulated with an extra powerful mixture with Moroccan argan oil. Its properties allow it to hydrate intensely and create a covering that blocks moisture from the hair.

This rich blend helps you repair even the most strains dry and damaged of your hair, regardless of the type of hair you have or what type of damage it has been exposed to. Your hair regains its shine, hydration and will stay healthy for a long time.

4. Balm to remove hair damage

It is a restorative rinse balm that is created from almond elixirs, proteins and ceramides. The formula is rich and easily absorbed and is made to restore shine, softness, and moisture.

A treatment that can restore all five most common damages of the hair such as weak ends, rough texture, dull, dehydrated hair and with split ends.

5. Treatment of intense wetting


It is a creamy deep conditioning treatment which is specially formulated to repair damaged and dehydrated hair. It is formulated with cupacu butters, murumuru and cocoa which are ingredients that help moisturize and revive hair strands.

A professional product loaded with vitamins that soften and nourish the scalp, resulting in silkier hair, easy to handle and with a completely professional result.

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