The amulet to bring abundance to you

The known fortune frogs they are charms loaded with good vibes that have the ability to attract abundance and prosperity. These tools have the ability to clear the mind of their wearer, and directly influence the decisions we make and the speed to solve problems, two essential skills for activities related to the money. That is why here we show you five fortune frogs that will bring prosperity to your work and business.

1. Currency and lucky frog

This lucky charm has been created with resin material that makes it strong and durable, it is also dyed with Golden colour associated with wealth. The frog is holding a Chinese lucky coin to make its influence on space stronger.

This good luck frog shaped tool is ideal for those who want to attract fortune, wealth and days of plenty. Its compact size allows it to adapt perfectly to any place in the house or workplace.

2. Amulet of Metal frog

It is a beautiful frog that you can take anywhere and is made of metal material. A good luck bead that will attract all the good for your life and includes a cute card printed with a poem about the qualities of this frog.

This frog is emerald green in color and has a small size that allows you to always carry it with you to attract the best of luck. An attractive green frog that will accompany you at all times.

3. Amulet of luck Golden

This frog has been created with a combination of resin and brass that add a lot of resistance and give it its characteristic color. In his mouth he holds a chinese currency of luck crowned with a red stone.

If you want to attract wealth and abundance to your life, then take this amulet with you that is designed to fill your spaces with good vibes and make abundance come to you.

4. frog green of fortune

This frog has been designed to attract money and the good luck of those who take it with them. It is made of fat jade It defines the shape of the frog sitting on a gold bullion, with a chain of copper coins on the back.

If you want to enjoy wealth and abundance, then include this powerful amulet within your work or business area and in a short time you will see how your financial situation begins to change. This green frog will look great in any room and features the traditional pose for good luck.

5. Golden frog with bright

A frog that has been created with an appropriate size to locate it in any space of the house, office or business. It is made with a golden cover decorated with imitation hand-embossed diamonds.

It is undoubtedly a beautiful piece that was designed to bring the days of abundance to the person who wears it. The product includes a cute decoration box to give someone very special to the good luck be with her at every step.

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