The first step towards a more organized life

Find a specific garment in our wardrobe It is usually a challenge that can take up a lot of time. The most recommendable for these cases is to design a system that allows us to be more organized and that is comfortable for us to apply. A perfect tool to get the most out of the space inside the closet is with a organizer, and below we show you some that will make everything much easier.

1. Organizer with six compartments

A structure built with resistant materials and a metal hook system that allow hang it up easily inside the closet. Each compartment can support up to 4.5 pounds of weight, this makes it perfect to store any kind of clothing and even sheets.

His design ergonomic It will allow you to quickly access all its content. It is an organizer that you can use to store much more clothes, regardless of the dimensions of your closet.

2. Foldable bags for storage

They are storage bags made with eco-friendly, durable and dust-resistant fabrics. Its interior has a great capacity to store large amounts of clothing. It has two side handles for easy portability.

Its design with transparent openings allows you to quickly view all its content. You can use these bags to save and protect all your seasonal clothes, in this way you prevent them from deteriorating due to dust and humidity.

3. Pack hangers multifunctional

It is a pack with 12 hangers made of stainless steel. They have a design that allows you to accommodate up to 6 pieces vertically and the structure is capable of supporting a maximum of 30 pounds of weight.

When it comes to saving the most space in your closet and keeping your clothes organized, this product can be a pretty handy tool. Each of its grooves will prevent your clothes from slipping or getting dirty, and its shape allows you to classify them quickly so you always know where they are.

4. Wardrobe expandable easy to install

A very versatile, practical and easy to install expandable closet organization system. Count with one minimalist design It includes 10 height adjustable shelves and two hanging rods. The entire structure is made of durable steel wire.

The wardrobe is a very practical piece of furniture that gives you additional space to store and organize all your clothes and shoes. Its design gives it the ability to support up to 100 pounds of weight.

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