Essential tools for good family hygiene

The soap dispensers today they are a determining factor for the prevention and containment of epidemics and viruses. These tools give us the exact amount of product to sterilize our hands, which allows us to sterilize them properly and make the most of the soap that is available. Here are some soap dispensers that you can have at home.

1. Dispenser automatic soap

It is an ABS plastic reinforced dispenser that features an automatic dispensing system and a chrome plated design of high quality with black finishes. It has a transparent tank and structure that can be easily adapted to the wall.

This soap dispenser is an ideal choice that you can mount on the wall or place on the counter in any room. It is a tool practical and safe with which you can have your hands always clean.

2. Jars of Clear glass

It is a set of two clear glass bottles with a crown of stainless steel They have a refined and simple design. They are equipped with a practical dispensing system that is perfect for supplying soap, oils and other personal hygiene substances.

Their classic design allows you to adapt them to dispense liquid soap, antibacterial shampoo, gel and even some substances for cosmetic use. They are very resistant and safe accessories for you and the rest of the family.

3. Container with Diamond shape

A geometric design gray glass tool that is capable of holding up to 12 ounces of soap or other essential hand hygiene liquids. Has a quality stainless steel dispenser premium which is completely resistant to corrosion.

This product is a refined accessory that features an attractive design that matches the decor from your kitchen, bathroom and other places at home or work. It is a practical product made with high quality materials.

4. Dispenser kit Brown color

They are dispensers of vintage style They have been made of brown amber glass that provides additional protection against UV rays. They are durable accessories equipped with a stainless steel dispenser system with a plastic dip tube.

The innovative protective layer of these two bottles provide a safe space to contain everything from personal hygiene even any type of oil or essences that you use to carry out homemade aromatherapy sessions.

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