A striking and current detail for your decoration

The organization in our house is essential to promote a healthy environment which represents an environment of peace and tranquility for us and all who inhabit it. The Floating shelves They are an excellent option to decorate a space at home, make the most of the available space and give a more modern touch to the decor. If it appeals to you to incorporate one of these pieces of furniture into your home decor, pay attention to the following designs.

1. Floating shelves in u shape

This shelf is made of solid wood and 100% natural. It is a set of three floating U-shaped shelves to decorate the house that has a torch finish that adds a retro style to the decoration of any space.

These solid wood shelves will help reduce clutter in a small room by giving you the opportunity to store elegantly. books, vases, Family photos and other essential items in your home.

2. Furniture natural bamboo

If you want to have natural decorative elements that give a vintage touch to your spaces, this set of two floating shelves is the ideal 1. It is a set of two sturdy shelves made of bamboo I think they have a uniform texture.

They are wall shelves with a size that can be adapted well to any bedroom, bathroom, under the mirror at the entrance or in a long hallway where you can to exhibit trophies, family photos, books and honor your guests.

3. Shelves for Small spaces

In small spaces it can also be very helpful to have a piece of furniture where you can put everything you need and give a new air to the decoration of your spaces. Both of them floating shelves They are made of high-quality wood with a waterproof coating that makes them resistant to both heat and humidity.

You can put it in the kitchen, bathroom, any room in the house and put toiletries, hang towels, books and much more. Their compact size makes them perfect to place in any bedroom, living room, office or other places.

4. Floating shelves in cube shape

Shelves are a very good decorative element that you can have at home and also be really useful to store any personal item. This set is made of MDF sheets that cross each other and form attractive white cubes.

They are very easy to install on the wall and thus enjoy this decorative element that can be placed in any room, bathroom or rooms. Ideal furniture to organize what you need and at the same time it will give a more modern touch to the decoration of any space.

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