The perfect garment to move freely and calmly at home

To exercise or maintain maximum comfort while you are at home, it is important that you have the right clothes. This is achieved by choosing those garments that are made with fabrics that guarantee that the skin breathes and allows us to move with greater flexibility. Thinking about it, this time we bring you some sweatpants with which you can feel very comfortable throughout the day.

1. Adidas Legging with vertical stripes

It is a sports legging that is characterized by its classic three white stripes on the sides of each leg. It has a design of elastic fit at the waist and a cut that hugs the skin and prevents friction.

These pants allow your legs to have the appropriate degree of flexibility to adapt to any type of exercise routine. It also allows a correct perspiration to avoid the accumulation of sweat.

2. Trousers with abdomen control

This sports pants is designed with soft seams and a high waist that offers four forms of stretching They allow firm control of the lower body without restricting mobility.

The design is characterized by its internal lining that prevents the underwear and exterior pockets that are ideal for storing your phone, keys, cash and any other of your personal belongings.

3. Classic style with side pockets

Sports pants made with cotton and polyester It is made with soft and breathable fabrics that do not irritate the skin. It has side pockets, elastic ankles and an adjustable drawstring at the waist.

Its straight line cut comfortably adapts to the shape of your body without limiting your movements. In addition, the fabric absorbs moisture of the skin so that you feel much more comfortable for a longer time.

4. Design with materials raincoats

It is a sports pants with mesh sides designed to absorb moisture and create a fresh feeling throughout the skin. It also has an internal drawstring at the waist so you can better adapt to your body shape.

This garment has seamless pockets and a waterproof zipper so you have a secure storage of all your belongings that you want to have by your side at all times.

5. Pant with pattern camouflage

A pants made with thick fabric Cotton reinforced with sturdy seams for a more modern look. Its design includes a high waist with drawstring, side pockets and ankle adjustment.

It is a garment with a conical shape that guarantees greater flexibility and mobility so you can comfortably go for a run, do yoga, go to the gym or just spend the day at home.

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