A productive and creative way to invest your quarantine time

When doing any type of work at home, the most important thing is to always have the tools necessary to do an efficient, precise and timely work. A good activity to do at home is the work related to carpentry, these give you the opportunity to create, repair and give new life to the furniture in your home. Today we present you the five essential tools for you to carry out all your woodworking projects you want to start.

1. Clamp on T shape

It is a clamp with movable jaws, two pivot points and a sliding handle on ‘T’ shape allowing a firm hold and grip. This product has a light and portable design, it is also equipped with a solid aluminum frame.

This tool is ideal for you to make a cut, adjust, stroke or union precise between two separate pieces of wood. A simple and very useful tool that will allow you to do all the housework you need.

2. Tape measure with compass and rotating compass

It is a compass with integrated compass and point of high accuracy that allows you to quickly draw and trace circles or arcs. The compass is a complement that will allow you to measure the location of the piece, while the measuring tape will help you establish the exact measurements of the piece that you are going to make.

This functional tool is an ideal option for you to manufacture, modify or repair furniture without much effort. To use the compass function, you only need to place and fix the focal point and with the tape measure you determine the distance of the circumference so you always get accurate arcs and circles.

3. Rotary Tool Kit high speed

A toolkit including felt polishing wheels, cutters high speed, grinding stones, sanding discs, sanding bands, tweezers and other accessories that allow you to cut, engrave, sand and mold any surface.

A complete system of portable, light and high precision tools that will help you to carry out any repair or Work from home quickly, accurately and above all in a very short time.

4. Hand trimmer electric

It is an electric reminder made in aluminum and plastic Strong with a refined design in red and silver. The device has a power of 800 W and is equipped with a transparent base that will allow you to carry out all your carpentry work with extreme precision.

This reminder includes a tool box multipurpose and functional with router bits, plates, trimming guides, wrench, carbon brushes and other series of accessories that will be very useful for you when carrying out any remodeling and repair work.

5. Sander with travel bag

It is a Bosch sander and polisher that is equipped with a random orbit and rotary pad easy to remove, allowing you to obtain smooth, high-quality finishes. Also this polishing machine with a solid and firm structure has an effective and self-regulating speed system.

This tool is an ideal option if you want to undertake some artisan carpentry work, since it is a professional tool which includes a precision, efficient and functional system.

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