Forget about the shoes and enjoy these sandals

The time you spend in House It is full of opportunities to rest, spend more time with you and spend the day in your most comfortable clothing. Although the informal look is one of the quintessential options to be at home, this does not mean that you cannot manage to continue looking fabulous. So today we present some flip flops designed to be comfortable at home that have incredible designs and very fashionable.

1. Indoor footwear unisex


They are beautiful sandals made with synthetic fabrics on the upper part they are firmly attached to a sole made of a resistant and non-slip material. They are very comfortable and adjust easily to the shape of the foot.

They have a beautiful pink color that makes them perfect to combine with any article of clothing casual looking. In addition to being extremely comfortable to be at home, they are also perfect to take on your next trip to the beach.

2. Designer sandals light


These sandals have a classic design that starts with comfort and functionality, due to this they are shoes that allow you to move with absolute freedom. They are waterproof sandals and are made with an extremely flexible material.

They are very light and practical to carry, in addition their straps on the upper part and sole give you such comfort that makes them an excellent option to withstand the wear of everyday.

3. Style Rock crown with synthetic materials


These are comfortable sandals that have been made with a synthetic material Imitation fabric on the upper part with shiny details that give it a more feminine appearance. They have a striking and very original design.

They are lined with a padded fabric that gives your feet a lot of comfort while you walk. The back features a elastic band which makes it easier to put them on and take them off, as well as providing much more security when walking on any surface.

4. Design with straps skin


They are sandals made with genuine fur Premium grade that are attached with nylon lined straps to a sole with anti slip properties. The arch of its interior is a single layer.

Its elaboration has been carefully studied to result in a piece that combines flexibility and durability perfectly. They are designed to give you a lot of comfort, stability and freshness.

5. Sandals Splash


They are sandals with a classic design that makes them very popular, especially among people who enjoy comfort and at the same time require a structure that provides superior cushioning. Your design low height It gives them a modern style that matches any garment.

Their style is versatile makes them a ideal choice To use during those days at home where your priority is to feel comfortable and enjoy a little time to pamper yourself.

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