Essential products to have your incredible skin for hours

A good one hydration of the skin is always necessary so that it can maintain a strengthened and flexible appearance for much longer. Factors such as climate and environmental pollution can dry out our skin and produce reactions that ruin its aesthetics, for this reason we present here 5 products to moisturize and clean your skin, which you can use right after the shower and have remarkable and lasting results.

1. Oil coconut concentrate

Coconut oil contains many properties that are very beneficial for the skin. This presentation comes in a Plastic Packaging with 443 ml that has a splash type mechanism that always gives you the right amount to apply to the skin.

A moisturizing cream that helps take care of your skin by giving it all the moisture it needs to be fresh, smooth and healthy. It is a cream for professional use that allows you to fully enjoy skin renewed.

2. Lotion nourishing body

It is an activated formula made mainly with natural water that is enriched with almond oil that helps regain the shine and natural texture of the skin. The cream is soft in texture and easy to apply.

This product leaves no residue on clothing and is ideal for treating sensitive and very dry skin. Body lotion provides instant hydration lasting for more than 24 hours.

3. Treatment with cocoa butter

A coconut body oil rich in Vitamin E It is lightweight and helps smooth rough, dry skin. Its natural formula is quickly absorbed and is reinforced with other natural ingredients such as soy, sesame and safflower that provide the moisture that the skin needs.

A product with a pleasant perfume and ideal to complement your bathing ritual. You only have to pour 1 or 2 caps directly under the water for its action moisturizing and soothing take effect on your skin while you finish bathing.

4. Gel moisturizing shower

It is an ideal bath gel to deeply hydrate the skin thanks to its patented formula made mainly with jojoba oil rich in vitamins that work directly on the skin cells. A professional quality treatment that helps complement the cleaning of your skin during the bath.

Dove gel has NutriumMoisture technology that is ideal for treating dry skin while enjoying a delicious bath. You just need to put a little formula on your hands and spread it all over your body with a gentle massage.

5. Ointment healing to renew the skin

A highly recommended cream to treat dry and cracked skin as it has a formula that restores the skin and restores its natural softness. It is formulated with panthenol and glycerin that help hydrate, nourish and protect the skin.

An ointment made to alleviate the most common skin problems. It hydrates deeply and is very safe to be used by each member of the family.

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