A tool to stay in shape without leaving home

Currently due to confinement we have had to make some changes within our daily routine, but it does not mean that we put aside exercising. If you like aerobic exercises, it would be very useful to have a platform at home to be able to do all the routines, and here are five designs to keep you active while you are at home.

1. Platform non-slip and adjustable

It is a non-slip platform that has been built with quality polyethylene. Its structure allows it to support up to 275 pounds of weight. It has two elevators to adjust its height and increase the intensity of the workout.

The dimensions of this platform make it a perfect tool to carry out a wide variety of aerobic exercises. Its patented design provides additional grip that guarantees stability on any type of surface.

2. Base for high resistance exercises

A platform designed with a non-slip surface that offers excellent cushioning and stability in every workout. It has dimensions of 26 x 11 x 4 inches, a compact size which makes it easier to store and even carry with you on long trips.

It supports up to more than 400 pounds of weight and its lifters make it a multifunctional platform It adapts to any type of cardiovascular and resistance exercise routine. It will be an excellent option to train at home and say goodbye to sedentary lifestyle.

3. System with lifting bases

It is a platform that has been built with ecological materials and reinforced with multiple plates and bars of high resistance. It features adjustable lifters that are perfect for high impact workout routines. This base can support up to 330 pounds of weight.

The surface provides great grip so you feel safe every time you do your aerobic routines. It will contribute to strengthening of your muscles, will improve your cardiovascular resistance and tone your entire body.

4. Platform high quality

HomGarde offers a platform made of quality materials that is totally resistant to any type of impact. It stands out for being a very light structure, easy to carry and it doesn’t take up much space.

The textured surface of this platform offers a incredible stability so you don’t have any accident while you exercise. Plus, its three lifters are perfect for gradually increasing the intensity of the workout as you progress.

5. Team exercise strong and durable

A base with a textured surface capable of supporting a maximum of 299 pounds of weight. It is very strong and offers great cushioning to make you feel confident and secure. The platform includes two sets of 4 and 6-inch high lifts.

You can perform most aerobic exercises in the comfort of your home. Their elevators allow you to accommodate their height to increase your stamina and perform much more intense routines.

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