Unique pieces to seal love with your partner

The most universal and recognized symbol that represents the marital union it is without a doubt the ring. This is a tradition that has started since ancient times and has been adopted by most cultures. Today, rings have evolved to keep pace with changing times. So today we bring you some options in wedding rings with original designs that will make the most important day of your life even more special.

1. Wedding ring made with silicone


They are high quality wedding bands that are specially designed for fit comfortably to the demands of an active lifestyle. Each of these pieces have been designed so that you can use them every day.

Elegant, comfortable and very exclusive thanks to its finish matte brushed. They are ideal to adapt to the shape of the fingers of both men and women.

2. Rings with platinum and zirconia


It is a set of wedding rings It consists of an engagement piece with a Swarovski zirconia as the centerpiece, decorated with smaller zircons that add a brighter touch to the piece.

A quality piece that adds a very particular style with a certain air that reminds us of classic engagement rings.

3. Carbide design tungsten


A set of wedding rings for men and women. The bride’s ring maintains a design decorated with three pieces of cubic zirconia white gold plated.

For its part, the design of the groom’s ring consists of a wide ring made with tungsten carbide. Both parts are fully scratch proof and durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear.

4. Floral piece with white sapphire


It is a beautiful ring made with 925 silver that is crowned with a stone of white sapphire and decorated with details such as flowers made with rose gold. It is a very feminine, delicate and above all original piece.

With this wedding ring all eyes are on your hand. This piece has a design that gives delicacy, elegance and romanticism to a day as special as that of your wedding.

5. Braided ring with Round stone


A beautiful wedding ring with a design characterized by a split shank topped by a moissanite and decorated with rhinestones around it. The body is of the highest quality 14-carat rose gold.

It is thus a classic, elegant and very special choice to best seal the joint and the married love that exists within the couple. A true jewel that stands out for its elegance and delicacy, while still being elegant and cheap wedding rings.

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